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Fri Jun 14 9:00P-10:30P

Pronounced FEW-SHION / FUSION A rubber-band of skilled rotating musicians! What started as just a "few" good musicians teaming up to join Hawc Griffin’s music mission in 2010, later evolved into a roster of skilled talent rotating as schedules permit. While the faces beside & behind Hawc alternate or change while he continues to lead, his drive for excellence since late 80’s has remained the same. That same drive began opening doors for Hawc to perform with his crew or solo from coast to coast in the US, from local church events to small venues, lounges, bars or private functions. With vocal, keyboard & production flexibility, HAWC GRIFFIN leads his rotation of versatile musicians to deliver an experience that entertains while catering to multiple demographics with a rare ability to cross genres while considering generational differences. Imagine a skilled vocalist who sings like silk effortlessly while manning a cockpit of multiple keyboards as if turntables or DJ gear, add a live drummer who stays in sync to accent every direction of harmonious sounds, loop machines, etc, triggered from the singing mission control; but it doesn’ stop there – screeching and chuckin’ right along to add girth to the experience is a live guitar player blending in to hi-light this presentation. Hold up, just when you think it couldn’t get sweeter …there's smackin' and thumpin' trigger by a super skilled bassist and the whole time you thought it was an 8 piece band but its just 4 people stirrin up the air waves. Still not enough? ...then this powerful sax blows you away with Jazzy riffs alternating with another harmonizing vocalist all for your listening and dancing pleasure, this is FEWXION.

Creekside Blues & Jazz Festival, Gahanna Ohio - Fewxion

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