Midwest Modern Jazz Quartet


Jazz Stage

Sun Jun 19 1:30P-3:00P

MMJQ (Midwest Modern Jazz Quartet) is one of central Ohio’s newest contemporary music quartets. Although all four musicians have worked as sidemen on the music scene for many years, this performance will be the debut of a new and exciting sound. The group will present abstract musical concepts that highlight a unique spin on instrumental expressions from a diverse cast of players. Former Dr. John bassist Dwight Bailey, along with his partner in “groove”, Neal Cobb (drums), have laid the foundation for many funk, blues and jazz bands throughout the years. Kraig Philips (guitar) and Geoff Cameron (keyboards) are no strangers to the art of merging beautiful melodies and harmonic structure with funky rhythms and groovy loops.

Creekside Blues & Jazz Festival, Gahanna Ohio - Midwest Modern Jazz Quartet

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