Columbus Academy Jazz Ensemble


Jazz Stage

Sat Jun 15 1:30P-2:15P

At a time in American life when the cultivation of artistic talent in secondary schools is waning, Columbus Academy has not wavered in its commitment to providing a holistic education to students. So while budgetary constraints and standardized tests have beleaguered its public counterparts into de-emphasizing the arts in curricular development, Academy has forged ahead with comprehensive courses and extracurricular opportunities that have an impressive track record of launching careers in theater, in singing and songwriting, in photography and in the fine arts. This success stems from a broad curriculum across the school's three divisions that allows students the opportunity to explore their own artistic endeavors. The Academy Jazz Band offers students an opportunity to explore the Jazz experience in both performance and musicianship. Students perform in a number of settings, including All That Jazz, a Fall concert, and various festivals around Columbus.

Creekside Blues & Jazz Festival, Gahanna Ohio - Columbus Academy Jazz Ensemble

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