7 Mile Bluegrass


Community Stage

Sun Jun 19 1:30P-3:00P

7 Mile Bluegrass Band began in 2004 with two friends. Billy the band leader added more members and the band grew fast with a hard driving sound and that folks enjoyed! ​ By 2015 they grew and developed to get a whole summer’s worth of shows scheduled and through the success of that year they were rewarded for their hard work by being invited back to nearly all events for the 2016 season. On top of revisiting those great places they also added the Mt. Sterling Jamboree, Greenfield Festival, Ross Co. Fair, and they're proud that they were invited to play in “The Yellow Barn”, a showcase stage, and to “Skinnyfest” in Lynx Ohio, Adams Co., a quickly growing and successful bluegrass festival.

Creekside Blues & Jazz Festival, Gahanna Ohio - 7 Mile Bluegrass

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