Community Stage

Sun Jun 16 3:30P-5:00P

Trutone is a modern music quintet featuring seasoned veteran musicians from all over Ohio. Keyboardist Bo Dixon is from Columbus having played with Stone City Band. Bo brings a finely tuned ear keeping Trutone true to the music. Guitarist Tony Cooper has been playing in and around Columbus for many years with Priscilla Woodson and Hosea Hooks. His unique guitar sound is a perfect blend to the Trutone sound. Drummer Jacob Ellzey made his debut with Trutone at Blue Note in Bexley, Ohio on December 27, 2019. Jacob is an accomplished drummer with a set of chops that he has honed into a stunning array of talent. Bassist Duane Gaskins is from Canton. Ohio. Duane has played extensively throughout Ohio with the Inner City Blues Band, SaFire, Ninni Love, Full Count. His Canton roots has given him a solid background with a keen ear for style and musical taste. Trumpeter Bob Bowers began his musical journey in Minnesota playing trumpet in 4th grade. Bob has played in many jazz, blues and soul bands since the 1968. Duane and Bob met each other in Canton, Ohio in 1976 playing in SaFire. Bob led the Blues-in-Schools program for 10 years at Kent State University.

Creekside Blues & Jazz Festival, Gahanna Ohio - Trutone

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