John Henry & The Rainmakers


Electric Blues Stage

Fri Jun 17 6:20P-7:20P

John Hill, known to everybody as " John Henry" , country born and raised, is a combination of things that makes him what he ultimately is. A cross between country, soul, rock and roll, jazz, all based around his love for the blues. His main love is creating and is currently trying expose himself and his music to the world via studio work balanced against live performance, the latter being his main love. Born outside of Zanesville,Ohio in 1957, a rural area surrounded by all the influences of family, church, AM radio, and everything he could immerse himself in at an early age. His personal veiwpoint is that everything you listen to and like started as an original thought and is the only thing worth spending your time and effort on. Birthing new thoughts and music.

Creekside Blues & Jazz Festival, Gahanna Ohio - John Henry & The Rainmakers

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