Deuce 'n a Quarter


Blues Stage

Sat Jun 17 3:50P-5:20P

Deuce 'n a Quarter is an award-winning band that has made quite an impression in the blues scene! As 2023 International Blues Challenge finalists, they have gained recognition amongst top blues acts and have earned themselves the title of one of the current notable bands. In addition, front-man Brian Peters was awarded the Lee Oskar Best Harmonica Player award in the 2023 International Blues Challenge. Original music is their forte and their sound has something for everyone, regardless of whether you prefer traditional blues or something more modern and upbeat. This is one band that should not be missed. Fans will tell you that seeing this act live is something special! The members of Deuce 'n a Quarter bring their unique individual styles together to form a powerful sound and an undeniable chemistry on stage. From Brian's smooth vocals & original lyrics to Keith's electric guitar riffs, each member brings something special that is sure to captivate your attention. With Tim's keyboard licks, Brian's harmonica solos, Ander's hard-hitting drums, and Martin's bass grooves you are guaranteed a blues show like no other. Stunning performances, Deuce 'n a Quarter has it all!

Creekside Blues & Jazz Festival, Gahanna Ohio - Deuce 'n a Quarter

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